Facebook has placed Border Watch Groups under suspension.  Since it's very close to the election, we can only interpret it's an attack on Conservative values.

We can't put our information on Facebook any longer.  We have started groups on different platforms.

T1st Official Border Watch Group of Texas

Amateur Radio Operators Needed for Operation: Safeguard in April 2022!
Echolink: 23938

Due the attack on free exercise of positive opinions, The Texas Minutemen Inc. and I must take steps to insure our members and ourselves continue to enjoy what our Founding Fathers crafted in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  We refuse to be silenced by big tech, such as #Facebook, #Twitter, #You tube, #Amazon, #Apple & #Goggle.  Please join us as we migrate to these other platforms that promote Free Speech and Thought!

 Texas Minutemen Inc. Group - CloutHub


Shannon (N5KOU) McGauley Pages:








1861 Brown Blvd. Suite 667

Arlington, Texas 76006

(940) 577-0882

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Citizen Volunteers: txminutemen@earthlink.nett

Media Contact Number: (940) 577-0882

I have remained silent when discussing Border Wall construction. We should never attempt to build a wall on public land. That's just stupid! The Government is in charge of public land. With your help we will purchase land in Terrell & Brewster Counties on Private land on the rivdr and build our Prototype Border Wall to start, then we'll negotiate to build communities on the Mexico side so Mexican Nationals can live in Mexico and enjoy at a cost to us of 1 million dollars.  If successful we'll save 3 billion a year!
The goal here is to keep these trespassers off US soil. So join us to secure our southern border!!

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